Pistol ionizator G-9, Vessel

Pistol ionizator G-9, Vessel

It can eliminate static electricity by compressed air only

* Power supply from external equipment is not required.
* Motor Cartridge (Replaceable) converts compressed air to the power. Rotor blades in the center generates power while rotating and supplies it to the high voltage power unit.

Ionizing method : AC corona discharge

Dacay time (sec.) : Within 1 sec

Ion balance : + / 30V

Item PKG (mm)
294 x 250 x 63

* Silent Nozzle G-9WN
* Straight Silent Nozzle BB-ZSN
* Electrode Needle GN-H
* Urethane Tube Plug G-9UTP
* Electrode Needle Replacement Screwdriver G-7DR
* Motor cartridge G-9MC
* Standard Nozzle G-9SN