Pistol ionizator G2-E, Vessel

Pistol ionizator G2-E, Vessel

* Wiring direction can be changed either upward or downward. Easy wiring even if using it hanging down above cell production benches.
* If hanging via a tool balancer, etc., the cables can be placed in the groove on the grip, preventing obstruction, to improve the work efficiency.
* Operation lamp is located on the top surface of the grip, and operation status can be checked at a glance; Operation ON (lights in blue), high voltage alarm (lights in red)

Ionizing method : Piezoelectric high-frequency

Dacay time (sec.) : Within 0.8 sec

Ion balance : Within +/- 10V

Item PKG (mm)
230 x 213 x 71

* AC adapter AD24-ITCS-E (100 to 240VAC)
* AC cable (1.8m)
* Standard Nozzle N-1SN