Pistol ionizator G7R-E, Vessel

Pistol ionizator G7R-E, Vessel

* Compact and lightweight.
* Ergonomically designed grip that fits your hand.
* Equipped with a white LED light facilitating visual check of dust, and with operating status and alarm lamps.
* Interchangeable nozzles for various applications (option)
* Needle electrode can be easily replaced with a dedicated tool.

Ionizing method : Piezoelectric high-frequency

Dacay time (sec.) : Within 1 sec

Ion balance : Within +/- 10V

Item PKG (mm)
264 x 175 x 88

* AC adapter AD24-ITCE (100 to 240V AC)
* AC cable (1.8m)
* Standard Nozzle G-7SN

* Straight Silent Nozzle BB-ZSN
* Silent Nozzle N-2WN
* Tube-Fitting Nozzle N-2TN
* Brushe(60mm bristles) G-7B
* Soft Burush(60mm bristles) G-7SB
* Speed Controller G-7SC
* Microfilter G-7F
* Relay Cable(5m)G-7EC5
* Relay Cable(10m) G-7EC10