Ventilator ionizator F120S-E, Vessel

Ventilator ionizator F120S-E, Vessel

* Newly developped piezoelectric transformer makes the slim and compact model.
* Butterfly louvers for changing the wind directions.
* Fan speed can be adjusted in three steps.
* Improvement in maintenance by easy-replaceable electrode needle unit.
* Equipped with terminals for alarm signal output, convenient for incorporation into equipment.
* F120S-E is a silent type with mild airflow.

Ionizing method : Piezoelectric high-frequency

Dacay time (sec.) : Within 2.5 sec

Ion balance : Within +/- 10V

* AC adapter AD24-IT-EX (100 to 240V AC)
* AC cable(1.8m)

* Filter set F-120FS
* Filter L-90F